Upgrading needed, please help.

Im running a Hp Pavillion a6720f.
-AMD Phenom X4 9550 Quad Core.
-6 Gb of RAM
-Nvidia 9100 GT intergrated graphics.
- Windows Vista Home Premium.
- Shitty 300 W power supply.

I would like to know what video card would be compatible with this system that would be able to run good games like ArmA 2, COD MW2, Battle Field: Bad Company, And such games with the new gen high quality graphics.

Budget 100-160 Or near.

Im willing to buy a new power supply in a range of 50$.

Please put suggestions that are compatible with the system because im not very computer literate and dont know whats compatible.

Thanks for the help guys.
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  1. what is your monitor's native resolution? Do you plan to upgrade to Win 7 in the next two years?
  2. Um How do you tell? The monitor is from what i see a HP vs17. And yes sir.
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    i assume this is it

    your resolution should be set to 1280 x 1024

    you can just get a 5670, keep your current PSU and call it a day for now.

    that would be your best bet. Your next upgrade should really be your monitor. You can then get a new PSU and future video card upgrades after that.
  4. Will it run those games listed without any virtual lag at all?
  5. yea it will run those games on high settings, not very/ultra high but still you wont have any issues playing them
  6. :]. thank you very much sir.
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