Partitioning is bad for SSD's?

I've been told that SSD's don't like to be partitioned. Would you people agree with that? I'd like to set up 2 30gb SSD's in Raid 0, then have a triple boot option (3 partitions I guess). Is there other things I should consider?
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  1. regardless about an SSD, it is illogical to set up 3 partitions that small.
    put the OS your most likely to use on the SSD and the other two on a platter.
  2. That setup looks inefficient. I agree with looniam. Keep only one partition for your OS on the SSD. The rest of the data on your HDD.

    If you plan to have 2 SSD: One SSD containing the OS. The other SSD containing mostly used programs. HDD used as a storage.
  3. Setting up a RAID is not a good idea either, lots of problems and no real speed advantage, unless you are going for redundancy which Raid 0 doesn't provide.
  4. If Raid 0 is not better why do so many hi-end setups seem to incorporate it? Or are they gradually getting away from it lately because of SSD's?
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