GTX 285 sli Power Supply?

Hey there everyone, this is my first post on here :-). Here's my setup a water-cooled i5 750 overclocked (the system was built and overclocked by Ballistic Gaming PC I'm not savvy enough to do it on my own lol) to 3.5ghz, 8gb of Mushkin DDR3 RAM, single DVD RW, 500gb WD and GTX 285 all running on an EVGA P55 LE motherboard with a 750 watt psu. Pretty much a mid-entry gaming pc. I've also got a 4 120mm fans and 4 peripherals. I'd like to add another 285 sometime soon and I'm wondering if I've got enough power. Any suggestions?
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    750W seems enough, I'm not sure if your watercooled system draws power from the wall or PSU, if it's the PSU, then you'll have to upgrade. Although I wouldn't bother, the P55 LE has a 16x/4x PCI-e configuration lane which will bottleneck your GTX 285 SLI setup, and besides, the P55 LE doesn't support SLI.
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