Can I tighten memory timings?

i apologize if the section is inappropriate to post this thread as im new to this forum.

recently i build my new rig, spces are,
i3 530 2.93GHz
GA-H55m-UD2H mobo
corsair 2*2GB RAM (cmx4gx3m2a1600c9 to be specific)

my problem is, the memory i listed is not officially compatible with my motherboard,
and as you can see it is a 1600MHz RAM @ 1.65V
recently i discovered that my memory is running at 1333MHz @ 1.5V (normal as i read on this forum)
i this tested this configuration with memtest for 2 passes, no errors.

i tried to change dRAM voltage to 1.65V but there was no such option (i.e. from 1.64V directly 1.65V), i left it untouched,
so finally i activated XMP profile1 of ram which led to following changes,
-bclk changed to 160MHz (from 130MHz)
-ram voltage changed to 1.658V (from 1.5V default, thanks to XMP profile)
-cpu clk ratio changed to 19X (from 22X), which showed my cpu speed 3.01GHz (from 2.93GHz, i.e. overclocking) so i manually changed it to 18X which now shows 2.88GHz, i preferred this, as i dont want to overclock my cpu. It is running on stock cooler.
-and now as expected cpuZ showed memory at 1600MHz and processor speed 2880MHz.
-i booted twice, no BSOD yet...(win7 x64 ultimate)
-even played nfshp2010 for an hour, no crashes, however, this time i didnt test with memtest for errors.

now real question is, i didnt notice big difference in system performance. infact i sacrificed some of my cpu power which i dont want, i dont want to overclock either.

1. Can i lower my RAM latencies if a 1600MHz RAM is running at 1333MHz at 1.5V? As i heard that lowering ram latencies can also yeild more throughput of system without overclocking. Currently my ram has 9-9-9-24 latencies.

2. When i activated XMP profile, i re-run windows experience index which showed no change and my computer properties showed
"Processor: Intel Core i3 CPU 530 @2.93GHz 3352MHz" <--- i dont exactly remember this figure but it was definitely was not this
"Processor: Intel Core i3 CPU 530 @2.93GHz 2.93GHz" like a get without XMP. Why so? and What does it mean?
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  1. #1 - Tightening the memory timings will lead to a small (about 3%) increase in memory i/o which has an insignificant effect on overall performance.

    #2 - "Processor: Intel Core i3 CPU 530 @2.93GHz 3352MHz" means you are overclocking. As long as you keep your load temps under about 70 C, don't worry about it - especially if you haven't increase the CPU core voltage.
  2. ok.. but at that time i was not actually overclocking... infact underclocking to 2.88GHz so i wonder how that figure started from 3..
    and one more thing i noticed is vcore voltage, i assume its cpu voltage, showed 1.08V <-- not exact figure, instead of 0.976V... i didnt play with processor freq or voltage, just changed multiplier ratio to 18X from 19X with XMP..

    what should i do in my bios in order to achieve full speed of my ram without unnecessary pushing my CPU?
  3. set the proper timings manually for your ram in the bios.......
  4. proper timing?? 9-9-9-24 is default. jsc told it wont increase performance much. so i activated xmp profile but it increased my cpu volage.. i want to avoid that.. any setting which will allow me to increase RAM speed without modifying CPU voltage or Speed??
  5. guys i m bit confused.. every one is saying that your memory will detected as 1333MHz instead of 1600MHz (thats ok) and you have adjust voltage/frequency or XMP profile to make it run as 1600MHz memory, but no one is mentioning anything about cpu speed affected because of change in fsb.. and im asking the same question.. cpu voltage should not change right, moreover i should be able get cpu speed same as stock speed if i adjust cpu clk ratio but in my case im getting 2.88GHz and directly 3.01GHz no 2.93GHz step.. there must be something wrong. either this is too dumb question or very difficult one.. can any one answer what exactly should i do????
  6. well....I really dont think your fsb should change just because you set the ram to its proper timings......and why did you change the multiplier ratio....that will increase the fsb.......set that to default......then set ram timings in bios to what their rated at.......
  7. i think title is misleading you..
    i initially asked that if im running my 1600MHz 1.65V RAM at 1333MHz 1.5V then should i tighten memory timings or not? as jsc said it wont bring much change in performance thats why i m thinking or running my RAM at rated speed and voltage, for that i have to activate XMP profile which indirectly changes my bclk freq, and cpu ratio multiplier also my cpu vcore voltage increases even when my underclocking my CPU. so what should i do in order to avoid over-volting CPU with bclk 160MHz (currently 133MHz)?
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