CPU temp raises after coming out of sleep mode?

I am terribly confused by this.
When I go into sleep mode, my CPU is idling at 33c-ish, while gaming at around 43c. When I come out of sleep mode, it will idle at 38-40c, and game at 47-50c.

The cpu is a Phenom x6 1055T on stock clocks (undervolted by about .350)
My motherboard is a gigabyte ga-ma790GPT-ud3h
Running the latest bios version, and on an updated Windows 7 64bit.

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  1. The cpu temp always goes up when the cpu starts working. At idle, it's always lower. You don't have anything to worry about unless your temps reach 70c or higher under load while gaming. Relax. Your temps are normal. If you live in a hot climate like me, use the a/c once in awhile to cool down your room. That does more good than spending a fortune on the latest cooler.
  2. I know you mean why the variation, the 5 degree climb. It stands to reason some changes occur during sleep including shuting down some system files I suspect.
    It leads me to believe either a power function is no longer active in memory or the additional function for wake up is still active and using memory or resources.
    You might take a count of total system files open both before and after and see if they match or anything on that line activex etc.
  3. I think it deactivates cool'n'quiet, personally, since my CPU runs at a higher voltage after sleep mode.
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    It does not deactivate cool n quiet.

    I believe sleep function disables your under-volting and reverts everything to stock.

    I have the same issue - I undervolted by i7 930 to 1.05v, and after coming out of sleep mode, it goes to the stock 1.1-1.2v
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