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I just reinstalled/reformatted my desktop and im having problem as the can't be copied by the setup so im trying to copy it manually but it also doesnt work. So if there are people who could upload the file & teach me where to put & what to do on it after downloading it would be awesome!

Need it asap please, Thanks!

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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It's a 73.1Mb file that lives in c:\windows\Driver Cache\i386 but when te cabinet file is expanded, it spreads all over the shop. You could take a copy from any XP system but it's better to examine Device Manager in Control Panel>System>Hardware to see how many devices have yellow marks beside them and track down drivers for each one.

    Post back if you need to know how best to do that.
  2. thx a lot it works to copy from driver cache
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