Shuttle K45 swelled caps

I replaced the swelled caps and have measured the PS under load and it checks ok. No Boot and no video to monitor. Is this where the MOBO needs to be replaced? or is there still something that can be fixed. Thanks in advance
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  1. I guess it depends what the PSU did to your mobo, other parts before you replaced the swelled caps. I could imagine the caps discharging and damaging the mobo.

    What kind of test did you do to test the PSU? Personally I would be leery of any PSU that was repaired, but of course that's something I would never be able to do myself. If a PSU goes out I just replace it with something new.

    In terms of your boot problems there is a sticky in the system section of this forums to address such issues. I'm too lazy to link to it, but I think you should be able to find it. The basic idea is to reduce your hardware to the bare minimum and testing to see if each part works.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Actually I did the prerequisite strip it to bare bones initially thinking that a memory dimm died or the monitor possibly. I peformed the PSU test first unconnected with a jumper to enable it so I could measure the voltages to make sure the were all there. When I saw they were present I plugged it back in and measured the voltages again with the unit turned on and they were still measuring good. This was done again after replacing swelled caps with the same results.

    I tried another CPU but it too gave the same results (nobody home). The CPU was verified in another system. I suspect there's some little IC on the mobo just quietly lafffing. I will probably just keep hawking eBay for a replacement mobo.

    There was mention in one of the blogs about resetting the BIOS and I have tried that (remove the system board battery and hold the power on button for 20-30 seconds) no change from that either.

    Thanks again.
  3. All caps must be replaced, not just the bulged ones. They are all probably from the same batch, and the same manufacturer. About 5 to 7 years ago, there was a rash of bad Chinese caps where the ends were bulged and also electrolyte leaked out. Replace them all, then do the paper clip test or better yet, check it under load.

    Then you will be back up in the air!
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