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So I know there is a lot of attention going around about Fermi, but I had a question regarding the current (and near future) cards. I'm currently running a 8800GT 512MB that is oc'ed and am starting to look for an upgrade. The primary games that I play right now are Dawn of War 2 and BC2, and am getting decent frames (DoW averages around 30fps@high settings, BC2 around 40fps@high 4x AA and no SSAO or bloom).

My question is this. I understand that the 5830 is pricey currently, so how about the 5770? Would getting one of these get me at least a 10fps increase from my 8800gt? I am interested in people's opinions, since that is what I base most of my purchases on, rather than "professional" reviews.

I'm running a 24" monitor@1920x1080, with a Phenom II 720@3.4, and 4GB DDR3-1333.
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  1. 5770 is a Good gpu but 5830 is better and would need less upgrades in the future.and I've also heard that fermi's launch might lower 58xx series maybe it is better to wait for 5830.
  2. Don't get the HD5830, the HD5770 or HD5850 are a much better value for the money.
    To answer your question, yes the HD5770 will be a very noticeable improvement(50+%) over your 8800GT especially at high resolutions like 1920x1080 along with DX11 compatibility for games that can use it(like BC2. )
  3. Get HD5850. that will be best for your monitor's resolution.
  4. I agree, the 5850 would be the best option for your resolution. And yes, the 5770/5830/5850 would all be better than the 8800GT
  5. Thanks to everyone who has replied already. I know that the 5850 is the best deal, a buddy of mine has one and I put it in my rig for a couple of hours and was simply amazed. But at this time, and possibly for the near future, I don't really feel comfortable with spending another $300 bucks (I spent near that on release day of my GT) and would rather get something a little cheaper but still performs well at my resolution. So should either card drop maybe $10-$20 bucks, which one would you recommend?
  6. If you do not wish to get the 5850, then i would say go for the 5770, it is a much better choice compared to the 5830 in price/performance. You can OC the 5770 pretty nicely. Also, be sure to get a 1gb version of the 5770 as opposed to 512-meg it'll help out for your resolution you're playing at.
  7. Yes,the 1Gb 5770 will be good for you then.
  8. +1 HD5770
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    You should see well over 10FPS increase when upgrading from 8800GT 512-meg to 5770 1GB. At least in DoW 2...
  10. Awesome. Thanks guys for everything. I think I know what I'm going to get now. Awesome.
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