Need help :)

simple question:

athlon II x4 630 / 4gb pc800 / 1gb gts 250


phenom x4 9850 / 4gb pc1333 / 1gb hd 4870

which one? :)

thx for your help
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  1. how about athlon x3/ 4gb 1600 or 1333/ 1gb 5770.

    If your using it for gaming, mine will work great.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- None, the 1st Phenon generation don't support DDR3 RAM and 1333 in DDR2 is a waste of money.
    2- The 1st option is much better but if u look the goalguy876's option is much better that yours.
    3- What is ur budget? I would go with X4 945 / 4GB 1600/ 1GB 5770 or 5850.
  3. x4 630 with the HD4870
  4. if you are in to OC you can buy a phenom 550 (you might be abble to unlock up to two extra cores and it's easy to increase core speed); 1333 DDR3 and overclock it to 1600; for the graphic card you can check:,review-31911.html

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