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I am running the orignal bios setting from 2007. My Question is how do I change it so it does not read an external drive on startup ? It seees the drive and checks the whole drive before it will finish the boot system.
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  1. Look for a first boot option in the BIOS and set that to the internal HDD. Somewhere in the boot menu - boot priority or something.
  2. Does notwork that easy. Have tried everything in bios.
  3. You have a "Boot" menu it's between "Power" and "Tools".
  4. I know where it is, but I tried all those settings and nothing helped. that s why I was asking if I updated the bios would it help with this problem.
    Thanks for the ongoing help.
  5. No, a bios update won't help. The OS is simply checking the external HDD on startup. You can run a chckdsk on the drive and see what's up:
    It's a Western Digital?
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