What should I upgrade to?

I've been thinking about upgrading my graphics card to something newer but I'm not sure what I should upgrade to. I'm currently running a xFX (nVidia) GeForce 9800 GT. Should I buy a second 9800 GT and SLI them or should I upgrade to a GX2 instead? And on another slightly related note: does the GX2 have two monitor slots like the GT or does it have four?

As of now I'm running a 32-bit install of Vista but as soon as I get a chance I'm upgrading to 64-bit Vista or 7 so the RAM amounts don't matter too much.

And this is slightly off topic, but has anyone here used nZone to benchmark their system against a games requirements? I did that and it says my graphics card has 1.5GB of RAM when the box says 512MB. Does anyone have any ideas as to why?
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  1. What would be the point of getting a GX2 when you already have a 9800GT. The GX2 is just 2 9800GTs so it would just cost more for no reason.
    I'd say either another 9800GT for SLI (assuming your motherboard is compatible, the second slot operates at at least x8 and your PSU can handle it) or another good option(perhaps better) would be ebaying the 9800GT and getting an HD5770. What is your monitors native resolution?
  2. My motherboard is aneVGA nForce 750i SLI, it even came with an SLI bridge. And when I suggested the GX2, I was also looking ahead to when I upgraded my system again so I could do a quad SLI setup with two of them. Chances are by that time they'll be outdated anyway though. Thanks for the help.

    And as for the 5770, I've never used an ATI graphics card so I'm a little iffy about switching over to the company.
  3. You could just get a 9800GX2 and do a 3-way SLI. I don't know if nVidia allows that though.
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    shadow187 said:
    You could just get a 9800GX2 and do a 3-way SLI. I don't know if nVidia allows that though.

    Don't think that's possible. One 9800GX2 is actually two 8800GTS 512MB in SLI, and with nVidia you have to SLI the exact same GPUs.

    As for the OP...

    The 9800GX2 has two DVI ports and one HDMI port. I suggest you do what jyjjy said, either buy another 9800GT for SLI, or sell your current 9800GT and get another card - an HD 5770 would be a good choice with DX11, Eyefinity etc.
    Little side note - the only card I know of that has four DVI ports would be the HD4850X2.
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  6. Thanks for your help everyone.
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