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so i have a client who spilled water on her dell keyboard hooked up to a dell xps intel quadcore, 4 gig of ram, win xp, the computer was running and on when the water was spilled and then the keyboard stopped working and now i can't get her usb ports to recognize anything. i hooked up an old ps2 keyboard and everything worked fine but even after post and in windows i hook up any usb device and windows never says it finds new hardware. i pulled the power cord out and the bios battery and pushed the power button a bunch of times hoping maybe to discharge something and get the usb working but that doesnt seem to be working. are the usb ports on her computer totally fried because of this? is there any fix? some other way to discharge?

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  1. If you enter BIOS, Is USB controller enabled? If so most likely bad.
  2. yeah it was enabled. i just threw a pci 4 port hub in there nothing else i did would get the usb to work so i figure its just a short.
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