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I am going to build a new desktop for my personal use. I've selected the processor. It is Intel's Core i5-750. Please suggest the following components:
1) Mainboard (ATX)
2) RAM
3) Graphics Card (I am not a gamer. I do some photoshop and HD video editing. Occasionally I love to play HD movie DVDs).
4) Power supply.
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  1. you have a budget for all that?

    just about any "named" board from asus, gigabyte, msi, etc., will work. you can go with a micro board to save some cash.

    same with the RAM, named companies are corsair, crucial, patriot, etc.,

    graphics card, the ATI 5570 would be perfect for HD video editing and watching

    a 350w+ unit from antec, corsair, seasonic
  2. +1 ^ on PSU (corsair +400 for $30 outstanding choice), MB great choice.

    For GPU, the 4650 is OK and a good price point, But I would prefer ct's choice, a 5xxx series with DX 11. Not sure if OP needs the DX11 in future.

    As to memory, unless OP is going to overclock I would go with 1333 DDR3 and with a Lower voltage.

    What I put in my wife's system.

    What I put in my I5-750, same as anort3's but @ 1.60 volts.
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