BSOD with SSD OCZ Vertex2

I have an OCZ vertex2 with windows 7 installed. I have been using it for about a year with my laptop. Today I built a budget light gaming and 3d modeling PC. When I switched the SSD from my laptop to my new desktop, I get BSOD when windows tries to boot.

At first I thought I might have burned it up when I installed, so I put it back in the laptop and it worked just fine. So it only BSOD when installed on my desktop. Does anyone know why it would be doing this? Is there a bios setting that I need to change?

The motherboard is a biostar h61mgc 1155

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Ps don't mind my signature, I dont have tha computer anymore
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  1. The problem is switching your SSD from your laptop to desktop. Win 7 is hardware specific, it only recognizes your laptop. Not your desktop.
  2. Yes, you will get a BSOD because Windows has drivers installed for your laptop motherboard and laptop cpu. It sees totally different hardware when you connect it to your desktop.

    You need to do a fresh Windows install.
  3. I tried a HDD with windows 7 from a different desktop with completely different hardware and it worked just fine. If it was a windows issue then wouldn't that BSOD too?
  4. Yes, you should have gotten a BSOD then too. You got lucky. :)
  5. Boot into Safe Mode and install the drivers that came with your desktop.
    That might work.
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