NVidea or ATI?

I have narrowed down my choices to :

1) Powercolor PCS radeon HD 4850 512 MB

2) XFX-485X-ZDFC HD 4850

3) Sapphire raeon HD 5750 1GB

4) EVGA GeForce GTS 250

Which one would you recommend?
Powercolor got a good review (very quiet and cool)

I am not much into gaming (perhaps the occasional game in the future)
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  1. I'd go for option 3.

    I like Sapphire (strong point is coolers and PCB) and the card itself is very good (5750). Now, for a little more bucks, you'd be better with a 5770 IMO.

  2. Option 3 is the best listed. Fairly strong card with dx11 capabilities.
  3. #3
  4. 3 for sure but likw yuka said.. add just a tiny bit and go for 5770
  5. http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-5770-review-test/1

    see for yourself how better this card is.. i know not a lot, but comparing for same price it is better
  6. gts 250 is ugly card
  7. A 5750, but if you can spring a few more bucks get a 5770
  8. What about the "2D acceleration" problem with the HD 5000 series?
  9. Well, there's a bunch of cards out there wich have that annoying problem, but to be fair, it ain't the main rule for the 5xxx series out there and thye are rare cases overall.

  10. Safe a little bit more and grab 5770... :)
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