Thinking of getting a GF GT240-GS

Hey all

I currently have a Gainward Bliss 8600 in my computer and I've been thinking that I should get a budget upgrade that would let me play titles popping out of 2010 without much problem. My current system:

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit


Gainward Bliss 8600GT 1GB

Asus P5KPL motherboard

Intel Core2Quad 2.66Ghz

Also I'm not entirely sure but I think I've got a 500watt PSU.

Hopefully I've given enough info 'bout my system for you guys to get a general idea about it. Also, for any who'd say "Why don't you go ATI?" well problem is that where I live it's mostly INTEL/NVIDIA orientated so sadly, there isn't much I can do far as that goes.

Back on topic, do you guys think I should go with the card? I'll be going for the GDDR5 version of it, the product is here just for you to take a look at it yourself.

One more thing, for any known driver issues it may have/had would also be a great help!

Thanks in advance for any advice and tips.
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  1. No matter where you live, you can order online. An HD5670 is definitely the best low-end card.

    Can you point to where you live (country) and your exact budget (preferably converted to USD)?

    That's a side upgrade, not a vertical upgrade IMO. The only difference between cards is DX10 and DX10.1. They ought to perform very close from each other.

    You're better saving a little more money and going for a GTS250 or better. Your PSU might be able to push it for a GTX260(216) or an ATI 5770 if you can find one.

  3. shadow187 said:
    No matter where you live, you can order online. An HD5670 is definitely the best low-end card.

    Can you point to where you live (country) and your exact budget (preferably converted to USD)?

    As true as that is, I'm trying to get it locally because I got something from that store and returned it a while back. While I didn't get an actual refund, I got a credit note that will expire on the 16th of next month. So I'm trying to find a way on how to use it.

    Far as an exact budget goes, I'd say about 150 euros (That's 201.19 using the converter)


    As much as I'd like to get the 260, it's somewhat above my budget..ha..ha.. >> I've got to keep a bit of a tight hold my my wallet hence the use of the credit-note
  4. But that's a lot of money IMO for a decent upgrade... Does the store have a website or something for us to point out cards for you?

  5. I originally put a hyperlink to the product it's self in the original post but if it's hard to notice (Which it is actually) then I'll put it up 'ere for ya.
  6. Well I didn't touch it because I had no clue if it was any good considering that they didn't even bother adding a picture though I'll look into it! Thanks man, I see you active a fair bit around here, well this section at least. I'll take a look into reviews on it and all that jazz.

    Also, while you're here. Mind explaining to me a bit what the 3D benchmarks and all of that stuff is about?
  7. Benchmarking is about giving/putting numbers to the performance of the card. You have to look the numbers for what you want (specific games, CAD software, video decoding, etc.), since cards don't perform godly on every piece of software out there and have some preferences (small across the board, but still differences). So, basically, benchmarking is about giving you a hint of how you should expect the purchased video card (or piece of hardware) to perform on your PC giving some facts inside the benchmarks.

  8. Ah thanks, though I still don't understand why there are such high numbers but hopefully as I lurk about a bit more I'll probably get a grasp on it.

    Looking at the suggestion, as it stands. The 240 seems to be some recycled hardware with a bit of touching up and a Brand New pricetag slapped onto it. Would the 9800GT, which is actually cheaper and seems to have some higher praise be any better?
  9. Some reason it wouldn't let me edit my post so sorry for a double post D:

    Actually scratch that, what I said in my above post that is, now reading a different one and I saw just how biased it was and generally crap. I think I just might go for this...

    You've been an epic helping hand man, thanks alot!
  10. Glad to help 8)

    Anything you need, TH folks will gladly help you.

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