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I have an Asus M4A88TD-V with a gts 250 in the top PCIe x16 slot. I went to put in a PCIe x1 wifi card into the x1 slot but it wasn't connecting. I put it in the other x16 slot and it works. How can I use the top x16 and the x1 at the same time?
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  1. Why was it not "connecting"? It should just plug right in, no reason why it won't. Make sure nothing is in the slot or that the wifi card doesn't hit anything on the motherboard as its going in. If need be, remove the GPU and install the 1x card first and then put the 16x card back in.
  2. well, I've confirmed that disabling/removing the pcie x16 graphics card will allow the pcie x1 slot to be utilized. Someone mentioned that the x16 slot my share or use the x1 slots lanes. I don't know anything about this, trying to learn

    edit: Btw, by "its not connecting" I mean the card acts like its not plugged in, gets no power and dev manager cant see it.
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    Ok, I thought that meant you couldn't get it to fit.

    I took a look though your manual but nothing jumped out at me. The dark blue one is the one your supposed to use. The x1 slots shares an IRQ with the second 16x slot, so there should be no issues there.

    Is there a reason you can't just use it in the second 16x slot? Your main slot should stay at 16x so no worries there.
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    This is a strange fix however.
    Tonight I was determined to find the problem with the pci ex1 slot. I reset the bois to default and popped the card in the x1 slot, and it worked, alongside the gfx card in the main x16 slot. So, I then determined it was a setting in the bois! After trail and error I narrowed it to a chipset setting, I had disabled the 1394/IDE controller to avoid an annoying boot message. When this option is disabled, it for some reason disables the x1 slot! I originally thought it was the graphics card because I reset the bios to default in order to revert back to the on board graphics card, and stupid me thought it had to be me removing the card that made the x1 slot work.
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