2x RAID OCZ Agility 3 or single Samsung 830?

There's a good offer for the OCZ Agility 3 240gb for £150.
I'm thinking of getting two of these and putting it into a raid0 array, to replace my single 256gb Samsung 830 Series.
Do you think that would be a beneficial thing to do?
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  1. ^no,OCZ has highest failure rates(you will also loose TRIM support) and samsung is one of the most reliable SSD maker.
    265gb is quite big for a ssd.better upgrade any other component of your pc.list your current specs please.
  2. i7 2600k, 16gb ram, gtx670, p67 mobo
    My Windows installations never get much older than 1 year, generally.
  3. i really can't see a place for upgrade.you have a high end rig.save yourself for another 670 ;)
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