I need to upgrade my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 into a gaming computer what do I

On a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 what can I purchase to upgrade it into a gaming computer?
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  1. well you can its just difficult :)
  2. The most you could do is increase the RAM.
    Put in a bigger hard drive (won't increase performance though)

    Alternatively, you could get a brand new pc (the best option)
  3. wth u on about??

    u can still upgrade the graphics and cpu,
    most parts laptop parts arent distrubuted by webs, and marjority of upgrade are done in retail stores (in uk anyway)
  4. I would agree with PsychoSaysDie and ksampanna. More or less, OEM laptops can't be upgraded by the average consumer. The CPU is likely soldered directly on to the motherboard (which would require fairly special equipment to remove and re-mount), and I don't know if the GPU would even be accessible.

    Also... from a quick search, it looks like that system is rocking a 1GHz Pentium III. If that's correct, you probably wouldn't even be able to find a better processor or compatible GPU for it. Honestly, the only viable option is to buy a new laptop.
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