I5 750 multiplier @ x17, no turbo boost?

hey guys a while back i changed my ram to 1600mhz from 1333 because my mobo didnt recognize the 1600mhz ram so i enabled the xmp profile in my motherboard as instructed by G skill so that my ram can run at the right timings. however i read around and i saw that the multiplier is suppose to be at x20 for turbo boost to be enabled. mine is at x17. also i looked at the turbo boost function in my motherboard and its set to auto. my other options are to enable or disable. stupid question but would enabling it turn on turbo boost or do i have to set my multiplier at 20? thanks

i5 750 @ stock settings
gigabyte ga p55 usb3
g skill ripjaws 1600mhz ram ddr3 4gb
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  1. Turbo boost will only change the multiplier from 17x to 20x when your computer needs the extra power on (I believe), one or two CPU cores. If you were to run prime95 on a single thread and lock it to one core, run CPU-z to read the multiplier and view the core that is doing the work, the multiplier for that core would change to x20.
  2. You need the 20x for turbo boost yes. It should either grey out or disappear from the list at 17x (well maybe not on the Gigabyte but the ASUS and MSI do that). XMP is fine for setting RAM timings, but you should manually set the CPU speed and voltages. Auto voltages will work but it tends to overvolt, so you can save some heat and power.
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