Dp55wg ram issues?

Hi everyone,
need some help with a dp55wg board and some Gskill ram. I know the board is fussy about what ram you use so I was carefull to only buy what was recommended. The ram I bought was what was recommended by Gskill.
the problem is that the machine works fine with 1 8gb stick of ram but when i put in the second it wont even turn on. Both sticks are identical and the machine will work with either stick but not both?

What m I doing wrong?
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  1. Well this system board uses the P55 chipset and I believe the maximum memory supported is 16GB and I believe that the max per memory channel is 8GB. Therefore when you insert the single module in the slot you have maxed out the channels ability to read memory. You might try inserting the other module in the another colored slot (one pair is blue and one black) and see if you can use it, or return it if you can and get just 4-4 GB modules instead of 2-8 GB modules.
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