Memory Slot bad??

Hey everyone, got a question.

Just rebuilt my rig, and I have an Asus Sabertooth MoBo with Corsair RAM (3x2GB Triple Channel kit).

Bios is only showing 4GB of ram. The culprit seems to be the middle slot on the mobo. If I swap ram around and try the sticks one at a time, they all detect fine. If i put the RAM in say... Slot A1, C1, A2... it will detect 6GB. But it I use A1, B1 & C1 like im supposed to.. no dice.

So my question is this - until I can get back down to microcenter and swap th MoBo - is there a way to make the MoBo allow me to use A2, B2 & C2 instead of the other set? If I toss the ram in those slots, the machine wont boot (memtest light stays on).

I turned XMP on in Bios as well for setting the RAM - still didnt fix anything.

*EDIT* Guess I should add im using win 7 x64

*EDIT 2* Weirdest thing.. Windows and Bios show 4GB but CPU-Z shows 6GB.
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  1. CPU-Z can see all the sticks, but you're limited to what the BIOS is telling you.

    If it works with the sticks in A1, C1, A2 what's the issue? Just have them set like that? Also.. what CPU are you using? Does it support tripple channel?
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