Best Gaming Computer You Can Build for $750

I just got done making a guide for the best gaming computer you can build for $750 on my blog at It was actually inspired by the latest value build from tom's. Let me know what you think!
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  1. Good writing and GREAT photography !!! (some of the best photos/lighting I've seen!)

    I would make the following two changes ... you can shave cost and increase performance by doing THIS : . . .

    I love the rest !
  2. Nice suggestions thanks :) Although I really am trying to keep it at around the $750 mark. But I agree if I had the budget for it I would grab that PSU and the CPU cooler for sure!
  3. Well, my point (with the cooler) is that it is almost the exact same design ... got awards ... and is very efficient, at roughly 1/2 the cost (more than $20 saved).

    Yours is prettier, with the accents, tho.

    The RAM is CAS7 and that is what we recommend (Rips 1600@c7)

    The PSU ... I KNEW you wouldn't go for ... That is the cheapest "we" recommend (because we don't play with lo-q PSUs ... conscience !).

    Do the champions ALWAYS have the fastest system ?

    Is it because they are champions and, so, get the good gear ... OR ... Does the good gear make them (into) champs ?

    = Great Job! =
  4. I'm confused, the link to the CPU cooler you showed me is $34.99 plus $7.56 shipping and the one I chose was only $15.99 and $5.99 shipping. How do you figure half the cost? If there is a cheaper better one that I missed, sign me up! lol.

    Oh dang I didn't notice the RAM was cas 7 but the voltage is higher. Isn't that indicative of lower quality ram with heat sinks slapped on them and over-clocked?

    Who is the "we" you refer to? :)

    Thanks for reading my post and putting up with all my questions!
  5. I swear I linked to some red cooler, thru your blog and it was like $65 ...

    ... Guess not ...

    [:jaydeejohn:3] [:jaydeejohn:3] [:jaydeejohn:3]
  6. hahahaha it's cool. You were probably trying to help too many people at one time!
  7. You can get a better system for cheaper. Granted, I'm taking advantage of combo deals here, but these, or functionally identical deals have been around for months.

    Sony $22

    Spinpoint F3 $55

    GIGABYTE GA-790XTA-UD4 $140 w/ $15 MIR

    Athlon II x4 630 $99

    OCZ ModxStream Pro 700W and HAF 922 $160 w/ $35 MIR

    Ripjaw DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 and 5770 $260

    Total: $735 including shipping, before $50 MIR
  8. True ...

    ... But the Build Article is finished ... the system is built ... and it's all pretty darned good.

    ... We also do not recommend TWO GPU cards for (almost) any new build. We, instead, advise to go "up a notch" and get just one ... to start. This limits the up front investment and allows for SLI or swap-out later, when the 2nd card will be cheaper (after many mionths) ...

    But it IS an awsome build and must be a "good ride". ... Check out the photos !

    = Alvin =
  9. @banthracis
    Thanks for the input. But I think two 4850s in crossfire will run faster than one 5770.
  10. Agree it'll definitely bench faster. The problem with dropping in 2 4850's right off that bat is that you're severely limiting your expansion potential. Most of us here would rather recommend a single higher performance GPU than 2 cheap ones.

    For the purpose of benchmarking/ best bang for buck it's great, but for a person building a new PC they want to keep for a few years, it's not the best idea.

    For example, if you buy a 5770 now, and in a few months have the cash to drop in a second one, its a cheap and fast upgrade. However, if you had 2 4850's already, you'd have to replace both of them, spending 2x the money for the same upgrade.
  11. I see. good thinking! That's a really good alternative.
  12. That is the main thing ... but there is even more to it , than that ...

    The other part is that one 5770 may be "just fine" in terms of doing better than 30fps at whatever rez/qual (the break-point).

    As the games get hungrier (in the future) , that 2nd 5770 gets cheaper, every month ... It may cost half as much in as little as one year ... or, IF you should decide to pitch it ... You are not out as much and it will be a more viable hand-me-down for some other sap (or service build ... like an HTPC) ... more retained value.

    Anyway ... as you can imagine, we all reached consensus, on that issue, before *I* ever got here!

    On the other hand ... In your defense ... At this price point, it might be worth it to just ride those 4850s into the dirt and then spring for something outrageous, in about 20 months. ... Time to save up for those SLI-590s(in FEEL-AROUND-4D)

    = Al =
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