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At the moment I have an asus gtx 295.

I think it's a dual pcb but I'm not sure, how can I see this?

If I want to go SLI do I need the same card from Asus with dual pcb or can I choose another brand (gainward, egva, msi, ...) as a second gtx 295
Also does the second card has to have a single or dual pcb?

Is there any extra performance working with dual pcb's?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    About the version that you have,well what is the card's exact model ? (manufacture's model)
    About SLI'ng a single PCB with a dual PCB one you can do it:

    Don't worry about the dual PCB,it won't affect the performance much
  2. I went to asus site and there are two versions of their gtx 295

    - ENGTX295/2DI/1792MD3

    - ENGTX295 TOP/2DI/1792MD3

    Mine is the first one, namely the "ENGTX295/2DI/1792MD3"

    So where do I read if this card is single or dual pcb?
  3. The 295 consists of twin GPU's on a single card. Using two 295's is considered "quad SLI".
  4. okay thx for the info , i just opened my pc case to look if it was the same card and it's the same pic as in the url that Maziar showed being
  5. No problem :)
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