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I am setting up a home office with about 4 computers and another computer that will be a server. We want to setup a VPN but were not sure what the best way to go about it. We currently exploring cloud VPN and Open VPN, but we are also considering buying a router that has built in VPN. Our budget for a router is around $500 if we need to buy one solves this problem. We are simply looking for a solution that is easy setup, maintain and will provide the least amount of problems.

Any first hand advice is greatly appreatiated or any information that will point us in the right direction. Thanks.

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  1. Ive been using Netgear's Prosafe VPN Routers (FVS 318, FVS338 and the FVX538) for near 10 years. They range in price from $90 to $350 for the FVX538. It supports IPsec VPN connection between two Netgear routers and supports the Prosafe VPN client (used on a remote PC or laptop) for a client to box VPN connection. The router supports an automatic configuration. The FVX538 is the higher end router, prpobably overkill for your needs but it comes with a 5 user VPN client. The FVS338, one of my favorites, comes with 1 VPN client. Extra clients cost around $45 each. The nice thing about the VPN client, once you make the connection, you can use "Remote Desktop Connection" to connect to any PC or server on your network.

    NOTE: Currently Netgear's Prosafe VPN Secure Client doesnt support Windows 7

    These routers are much more cost effective then the very expensive SonicWall VPN routers. Good luck!
  2. Hey, thanks for the information. I take a good look at that router, but we are all running Windows 7 pro / Windows Server R2, so I'll have to see exactly what lack of support for windoww 7 means (like it might work, or doesn't work at all).

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