SpeedFan Temp Sensors?

I just installed and starting using SpeedFan to monitor temps in my computer. I have a relatively new system running:

PSU - Corsair TX650W
CPU - Athlon II (AM 3)
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P
GPU - GeForce 9500
OS - Windows 7 32bit
Security Software - Webroot

My issue is that when running SpeedFan I am shown 5 temps and one of the temps shows high temps, but I don't know where the temp sensor is located. The five temps reported are GPU, Temp1, Temp2, Temp3, and Core. These have corresponding fans 1-4. Temp 3 is somehow tied to Fan4. Temp 3 shows a consistent temp of 78C. The only additional information I can find out about Temp 3 is that the associated chip is IT8720F. This is also the associated chip with Temp1 and Temp2. Temp1 and Temp2 both report temps in the 30-40C range. Neither Fan2 or Fan4 seem to actually have a fan as there are 0 RPMs reported from those fans.

I am concerned that the heat being detected from the Temp3 sensor my be causing my computer to crash. Does anyone know where this heat may be coming from and how I can fix it?

Thank you.
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  1. as far as I know, temp 1 2 and 3 don't really mean anything
  2. Then why do they exist, where are the temps being pulled from, and why do the temps vary?
  3. I agree and am curious about the same thing because its saying temp 3 is 100-120 Celsius. Now I'm sure something gets that hot in the tower but it would have to be very very small and not put off that kind of heat to be noticed by my hand or other temperature gadges like the ones in the Bios. Please someone tell me if its bad or normal for temp 3 to be above 100C.
  4. Btw i'm not getting any real crashes related to this I dont think.....I just found bad memory and am running good memory now and the temp is still high. Was getting crash dumps B/S deaths with the bad ram installed.

    Black edition Phenom II Quadcore w/Corsair H50 liquid cooler
    MB:MSI K9N2 Diamond
    GPU:Nvidia geforce fermi 480 sc
    Ram:Crucial x2 2gb sticks 1066MHZ (4 gigs)
    Case:Coolermaster H-vac fullsize
    Powersupply:800watt modular
    OS:Windows 7 64bit home basic
  5. Im gonna chime in here just so I can track this thread. Im curious about where/what all the temps represent as well.
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    If I understand SpeedFan correctly, it monitors data provided by a potentially wide variety of sensor chips attached to various buses, including the SMB and ISA bus. The SpeedFan FAQ states that the data from those sensors are frequently labelled with less than helpful terms, so it suggests one compare “labels and readings” in BIOS with those reported by SpeedFan.

    It also recommends a bit of experimentation. From the FAQ:

    To find your CPU's temperature sensor you can leave your system idle for a few minutes, to let temperatures drop, and then go to 100% usage for a while. The temperature that rises faster is the one you're searching for. Other available temperature readings usually come from your sensor chip itself, from the southbridge, the voltage regulator, or even from an additional probe placed under the processor.... As a final note, please remember that not all available temperature sensors are actually connected to something. If you happen to read unusually high or low temps, they are likely to be from a disconnected (unused) temperature sensor.

    There’s a fair amount of info at these two pages:

    It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Deciphering all this looks like a fun weekend activity!
  7. Well.......luckely i'm not the only one with this issue. Just built a new system:

    CPU: i5 750 2.66Ghz
    RAM: 4 GB OCZ 2800
    Board: Asrock P55 Extreme
    Cooler: Scyteh Mugen 2 Rev.B
    Graphics: MSI HD 5770 Hawk 1GB
    Box: CoolerMaster HAF 922
    GPU: CoolerMaster M620 GPU
    HDD: Samsung F3/300 1TB

    and ran a few tests after the built with prime95 and speedfan. Noticed one temp deviation on the IT8720F chip of the ISA bus. Temp 1 & 2 are around 26-29 dgr C at idle but #3 is around 118-127. During torture test this temp will drop to around 89? Running 4 fans in the box and they are keeping the CPU down to around 35 at idle, 48 at torture (4 seperate temp sensors identified by speedfan labaled CPU all indicating about the same temps). After the torture test did a hand test in the box and nothing feels overheated on the board/heatsinks. By the way, no crashes as of yet! #3 just a bogus temp and should I ignore it or should hit the panick button and shut the system down to prevent further damage. I have not been able to identify the source and location of the #3 probe and have no idea what is causing the high temp

    p.s. just ran CoD MW2 on 1280x1024, all graphics hi/on and experienced no problems...........
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