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Hi, I have a problem with a PC I recently bought. When I boot the computer it works fine, but when I need to restart it, it gives me 4 long beeps then reboots and another 4 loong beeps then restart and so on, with no image on the screen. If I turn it off and boot again, the same story, it works fine but at restart, I get the same 4 long beeps. I cleaned the motherboard,every memory slots..... I changed the battery, I unplugged all components leaving only the CPU and memory, I walked through bios trying all sorts of settings without any result, only the video could not remove because it is built. I bought another power supply, I thought the components need more power but it did not changed anything. Another funny thing is that I tried to reduce the memory frequency but the BIOS does not want to save the settings, or any other setting regarding overclocking. I don't have the possibility to try another set of memorys on the system, the ones I have, I've tested with all sorts of programs, no problems were found. I tried to update the BIOS but there's only one vversion for this motherboard, I did it anyway, no change. I don't know what else to try. Maybe an incompatibility between these components ???... If anyone has any ideea what is going on or what else I should try, I would appreciate it.

My system:

- Motherboard - GIGABYTE - GA-785GMT-USB3 (USB 3.0)
- CPU - AMD Phenom X4 Quad Core II 955 Black Edition
- Memory - Team Group - DDR3 2x2GB, 1333MHz
- HDD - W.D. 500GB
- Power Supply - Antec 500W
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  1. You have to look up the beep codes in your motherboard manual or on their website. It will tell you what it means. Here are the Gigabyte beep codes to help you in your journey.

  2. PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!

    "System won't boot" and "no video output" checklist

    This checklist is a compilation of troubleshooting ideas from many forum members. It's very important to actually perform every step in the checklist if you want to effectively troubleshoot your problem.


  3. I have. That's why i'm posting, hopefully someone might have a more professional idea of what is wrong.....thank you!!!!
  4. The best of luck to you, on this fine day !

    Sounds like you are pretty frustrated.

    I hope it all works out for you! ... I DO know how it is.

    = :hello: =
  5. :basic memory 64K address check error 4 short beep

    (PS: There was NO error code that has 4 LONG beeps, so those must be "short beeps")

    ... Try just one stick of memory, in each slot ... note the beep code each "move"

    ... Try another (single stick of mem) ... in each slot ... power up and note beep codes with each "change".

    ... write it down. Make a table ...

    ... Sounds like incompatible ram. Or you did not enter the specified timings that were issued with the ram kit (and save them in bios/setup).

    ... If ALL the sticks give you the same code in all the slots, when rotated thru, one stick at a time, then, you either have the wrong ram (DDR2) or some issue with a ram related mobo component (not at all likely).

    ... Even if you are not pushing the ram in, far enough, you should hear some change in the code with one of the sticks, in one of the slots, eventually.

    90% of the time ... it is something really simple that is staring right at you, or something you overlooked or dismissed as "too stupid".

    PSU ... Mobo ... Speaker ... One stick of ram ... rotate ... test .. log.

    ... Grab a different stick ... repeat.

    = Alvin =
  6. thank you for the reply....I will try what you suggested as soon as possible, and regarding the long or short beeps, I know that there's no such code in AWARD bios, bur that is exactly what I get fron my bios. That normal beep when you boot up the computer, I consider that to be short, it goes for less than half a second, the beeps I get it goes for more than a secund every single beep. I know is strange, I'll keep testing and I'll post as soon as I get something. Thank you for your interest.
  7. Give us a shout ... I threw that link at you when it was almost dawn, here ... My bed time ... Wanted to give you SOMEthing you could grab a hold of (a life ring).

    Sucks ... After over 100 personal builds ... I still have bad dreams about being stuck in the field, with no support. ... So glad the internet and forums have come so far !

    ... I cannot even express what being in your position meant, to a pro-tech, back in the 80s and 90s. ... I ALWAYS had to carry spares ... no way around it ... My toolkit had network interface cards and a modem and a video card ... if local ... a PSU.

    No Cell Phones ... Either! ... Think about it !
    = Al =
  8. PS ... don't get mad .. ok? ... I know you are not a baby ... nonetheless ... hear me.

    *IF* you would put *ALL* your faith in that TS document I linked ... and truly humble your mind ... and steel your patience ... It *WILL* either FIX or ISOLATE your fault.

    ... There are (literally) a few lifetimes of "know-how" in that doc and is THE most impressive (and concise) TS doc I have EVER seen ... Like watching 30 years of TS flash before my eyes ... It IS the "real deal" ... "no BS"!

    ... I'm just advising ... "Do not underestimate the power of that doc to (absolutely) get you fixed (or isolate the bad part). ... or (god help us) partS (plural) ! "

    = Alvin =
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