Keeping my stuff secure as I take computer to IT store for testing

I need to take my computer an IT place so they can give me a quote on damaged parts for a claim I have with UPS. I will need to leave it there so they can run diagnostic tests for the quote. I built this computer from parts I bought on NewEgg. My question is, how can I protect against them accessing information on my computer I don't want them to? Should I just remove all my hard drive except for my C: drive? Can I lock it down somehow? Would a BIOS password prevent them from doing the diagnostic tests they need to do?

I am a woman in my 20s and honestly, you never know who you are dealing with and what they might try to do. I don't want them going through my stuff at a minimum (personal stuff, saved credit card info, etc.), and worst case scenario (paranoid) would be adding anything to my computer.

Thanks for any help with this odd question!
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  1. Remove all drives (even the system drive can hold sensitive data). Swap in a junk drive if necessary.
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