AC'97 or HD Audio/Azalia?

Hello, I am finishing building a computer and I am stuck at the part where you plug in the sound lead. I own the Asus Crosshair III Formula Motherboard along with the Thermaltake element V case. I am not sure which sound lead I am supposed to use as if I use the wrong one Apparently I will fry my motherboard. The soundcard that comes with the motherboard is the SupremeFX X-fi card. One thing that points to AC'97 is the color of the jacks on the card, and another thing that points to Azalia is the EAX Advanced HD 4.0 label on it. I would appreciate it if someone could help me find it out.
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  1. The colors of the jacks are standard - has nothing to do with the audio format. newegg says it is HD.
  2. Your case and MoBo likely both have both options. If so, pick one or the other; the older AC 97 or the newer Hi Def stuff.
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