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HI i just built a new system about 2 months ago. I have been having this problem when i start up windows 7. This does not happen every time but some times when i the MBs little blue intro passes, it says no hardrive detected then goes back in to the intro.(happens every time) this is where it gets weird, when it is supposed to say starting window/resuming windows, the screen gets lines all accross the screen. Some times its mostly pink , other times its blue. These lines grow brighter as every second from right to leftT_T i dont know what i can do about this. I think its my video card playing tricks on my. Any idea how to fix this? BTW this dont usually happen.
Ice-Q turbo 1gb 256bit
intel i7 920
P6t asus deluxe v2
750w rosewill
15000 vector WD harddrive 150gb
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  1. What's your VGA ? have you tried updating both BIOS and your VGA drivers ?
  2. :cry: ummm sorry idk what a vga is
  3. VGA is your graphic card
  4. I just updated my bios
    i updated my VGA long ago
  5. BTW could you help me with my combat arms issue?
    my VGA isnt so bad but all charcter in CA lags like crazy. When things get 2 intense my screen freezes for the fraction of a second. Sometimes even artifacts show up
  6. hmm could be a driver issue,download the latest drivers from AMD's site:
  7. kk i just downloaded new driver now let me try =D
  8. BTW do you know if i can connect a HIS radeon HD5830 with my radeon HD 4780?
    i want to buy a new VGA because this one is not very good. What exactly is crossfirex?? because i didnt install it yet or program it considering i dont know what it is...T_T U know the crossfirex bridge thingy right>? i want to connect the 5830 with 4780 using that
  9. No you can't,the cards have to be the same(or from the same family in some areas) here is what you need to know about SLI/CF:
  10. ok i did what u suggested, i up graded the drivers but combat arms still lags( a little better) but still do you have any other ideas? should i jam the gpu clock and memory clock highest it will go?>
  11. Download GPU-Z and then run a game(for 5-10 mins)then minimum the game(don't exit)and in GPU-Z sensor tab,tell us the Core/Memory clock
  12. ok i downloaded it this is the result
    gpu clock 750MHz Memory 1000MHz
    Default clock 750MHz Memory 900MHz
  13. Check the sensor tab while you minimize a game,does it show 750/1000 in the core/memory clock ?
  14. yes it does
  15. Does it work fine in 3D games ? are you only experiencing problems with 2D apps?
  16. i mean it only works bad in combat arms, a 3d fps game with high quality graqhics. it runs fine in lower quality games like sudden attack and crossfire. Maybe my video card is not good enough for this game?
    It also says in gpu-z my crossfirex is disabled. does that mean one of the functions of my vga is not used? or that i only have 1 video card and cant run crossfirex until i have 2?
  17. which video card would you recommand for high quality gaming?
    would this one work good?
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    ARMA II isn't very well optimized,i played it with my old 4870X2 and my FPS was low so if it only happens in that game and works fine with other games then its OK,lots of users are experiencing low FPS problem with it.
    About CrossFireX,its when you use 2 VGAs,since you have 1 HD 4870 then this function is disabled in GPU-Z
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