Samsung 204b LCD monitor dying. Crazy contrast/refresh rate

Ok, so I have a Samsung 204b. It's a bit of an old monitor, but it's the only decent one I have.

Here are youtube links to how the monitor is behaving. It happened just last night out of the blue. It's like the contrast went as high as possible and the refresh went from 5ms to literally about 3-5 seconds. Never had an LCD do this to me before. I took it apart and all the capacitors look fine. No bulging. No other real visible damage. I'm not sure if this is perhaps an inverter/power supply problem? Maybe the logic board is just dying? I'd really really love to fix it, because I'm a poor dude who has just put about all the money I have into getting married. A new LCD just isn't in the books for me now.

The first video is of the little RGB box floating around. You can see how it is all borked. The second video is what happens when the monitor is powered on. Yes, the videos are awful, but the streaking and weird colors are definitely not from the cell phone. What you see is actually what the monitor is doing.

Any ideas?
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  1. Yeah, buy a new monitor man. I don't think you can do much else because it looks like it's the monitor that is messed up.
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