Anyone else have this happen to them?

I purchased an OCZ 700W PSU 3 months ago, i just got my 5870 a few days ago.. ran fine in BC2 and divinity 2 no problems and awesome frame rate... however after 2 hours of crysis, and my PSU started to smell like sulfur... the dreaded death knell of electronics and promptly shut my system off before it could ( hopefully) do any damage. i had everything installed correctly load balanced the 4 12 v rails ( should matter as I was running an 8800GT before this card fine and the PSu had 2 6 pin pcie anyway do you think this is just a faulty unit? or is it possible i taxed it somehow? for reference, I have an e7200 @ 3.6Ghz 8GB DDR2 1066 1.5TB HD (500GB + 1TB) and my 5870 thanks for your assistance
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  1. Which OCZ PSU? Some are pretty good and some are a couple steps above junk.

    That's why I do not recommend them.

    Second, the OCZ PSU's do not have 4 separate, independent 12 volt rails. So how did you "load balance " them?

    Your 700 watt PSU should have been more than adequate.

    If you are looking for a replacement, I recommend one of these:
    Corsair 650TX (52 amp 12 volt rail)
  2. i had the OCZ Stealth Xtreme 700 watt and it lists as 4 seperate 12 volt rails at 18amps each for a total of 72 amps and over course take some off for inefficiencies....actuyal model number is OCZ700SXS.. however I will stick with corsair next time.. i was under the impression that ocz was a good brand for psu's my system draws only 547 +/- watts at peak
  3. edit: it is within warranty so i am waiting for an rma.. just going crazy without my gaming rig
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