Help with N router and adapter

First off i have a Belkin N wirless router:

and a usb n adapter, which has a rated speed of 300mbps like the router. I have other computers using the connection in my house that only have g adapters, though.

Here are the problems:
1. The max speed i can get is 135 mpbs
2. Somewhere i read you need wpa security and a password to get the full 300mbps, but after applying wpa2 and a password i still cap at 135mpbs
3. After a few hours i cap at 65mpbs, then after a day the max speed i get is 58mbps, averaging at 52. The only way to get back to 135mbps is to reset the router.

The router also reportedly operates in 20/40hz mode at the same time, so even if theres a g adapter in another computer i should still get n speeds. I also noticed while my desktops n adapter gets about 52.5mpbs after a while, my g laptop consistently gets 54, the max g speed.

This is unbelievably annoying, as i paid a good amount of money for the n adapter and router. Please help with this.
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  1. You can try:

    1st- change the channel on the router; try all channels

    2nd- take the router and the adapter to another place, far from your house to see if you can get a higher speed there. If you know any place where there is a wireless network working at 300mb go there and try your router. With this, if there is any kind of interference inside your house you will know

    3rd- Try your adapter with another 300mb router or your router with another 300mb adapter. After the two first tests, this one will show you if there is a problem with your equipments.

    This like can also be usefull: ( )
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