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I have a hitachi 2.5 inch hard drive from a hp 9700 notebook that died. I would like to recover the data from it but the connector appears to be esata not the standard sata that kindof looks like an "L". I can not find a dock or cable that supports the connector on this drive. The hard drive says:
HDD: 5K250-160, Model: HTS542516K9SA00 P/N: 0A54904.
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  1. The drive should be std SATA connector like all other SATA laptop and desktop drives. There is a possibility there is an adapter for the HP on it. It should look like this$file/5K250_DS.pdf
  2. The SATA drives look like [_____ [_________ what I have read tis model

    comes with eSATA ||||||||||||||| ||||||| . Supposedly it is for fast hot swapping. I have a universal kit for ATA and SATA drives so you can plug them into a USB slot to copy from them. Let me assure none of the cables will fit this drive.

    If fou send me your email address I will send you a picture of the hadrive.
  3. Well if it is eSATA then it is eSATA so get an adapter cable. This is a eSATA to SATA (or vice versa) cable:

    Make sure its eSATA though, the specs on that model list it as standard SATA.
  4. You can post a picture of it here.
  5. I think that model of HP has an adapter on the SATA connector of the HDD, just unscrew the two tiny screws and take it off.
  6. Yes, you are correct the other day I noticed the adapter. Plain sata connects after removing the adapter. Thanks all. :hello:
  7. As Johnharry mentioned Adapter is on the HDD for 5K250
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