What is the purpose of a blade server?

Hello, i am just wondering what the purpose of a blade server is and how can it help a computer operating business that has to share files save files and whatnot. And i heard they are a lot of money like tens of thousands so i was wondering if a rack server is the same (because hey cost less). is there no point in getting them for a video game business? if there are what other options is there instead of a blade server? Thanks
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  1. also there is a different types of companies that make them like intel, sun, IBM, HP, Dell., which one is better for a video game business that can handle graphics and whatnot?
  2. what type of gaming business? you need to be more specific. blade servers usually do not have graphics cards and if they do they are not very powerful. The whole idea of a blade server vs a rack mount is saving space, power, and efficiency. All of the extraneous garbage (like individual power supplies, graphics cards, and individual networking) is removed from a blade server. Blades are more about power density (aka using less space for the same cpu power)

    edit: they are also about efficiency of both space and power consumption
  3. well what we do is create video games we make the media and assets in a game (we plan, create video games).
  4. dude gunblade........what are you talking about??
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