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Would a asus p6deluxe mb and an asus rampage II/I fit inside a coolermaster haf922, and with an i7 930 oc to 4ghz with a 5970 oc and 6gb 1600mhz ram run on a 750w corsair psu?

thanks for the help and hopefully someone with experience of these prouducts can share some insight
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  1. Yes. The boards are ATX and the HAF is an ATX case. The 5970 is the only other thing that matters to case size, and the HAF is definitely large enough to fit it.
  2. Those motherboards are just standard ATX size. The 5970 is a very long GPU (12"), but it fits fine in the HAF 922. All those components will fit in the 922.

    Edit: Beat to the punch by MadAdmiral.
  3. Thanks alot, i am quite new to the world of pc building so it's always a big help to ask about things when im not 100% sure :)
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