Need Dual monitor setup with 3rd monitor extended via Cat5

I do CAD design (2d and 3d) work in my upstairs office and my furniture shop is in my basement. I want to be able to access the same computer session on my office computer in my shop without the hassle of a second computer and to avoid dust problems. I want a dual monitor set up in my office (24” Dell and 19/20” to be purchased) and a single monitor in the shop (19/20”), with extended keyboard/mouse. I am rebuilding an existing computer (Lian-Li case; Seasonic 600w power supply (5 yrs old- ok?)with old Quadro 3450 card and Opteron 180 cpu.

Need: New motherboard, preferably AMD
Cpu either Phenom X4 945 or drop down to Athlon X4 635 without much performance loss for my purposes, I think.
Memory 4gig for Windows 7 32 bit

My thoughts are:
1) motherboard with integrated graphics connected to a dvi/vga monitor extender via CAT 5 to the shop, plus add on graphics, probably Nvidia Quadro 580.

Then a 4 port usb extender via 2nd CAT5 cable to shop for keyboard/mouse

2) appropriate motherboard with graphic card(s) to drive three monitors, and the extenders as noted above.
Do I need two cards to drive 3 monitors, as in dual Quadro 580’s,
While Quadro 580 has Autocad drivers, what mainstream cards might work just as well?

Will option 1 work as I want?
Are there other options that you can think of?

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
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  1. Is this what you're looking for?

    You want the computer in the office still right?
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