Asus M4A87TD/USB3 vcore voltage problem. HELP!!

Hi, I recently just built a computer for a friend.
However, when I first assembled the computer I ran it in the bios to make sure everything was functioning and temps were good, which everything was fine.

I noticed that I could but another 120mm fan in the case, so I left it for 3 days with only 10 mins of use in the bios.

I bought the fan, installed it (in the front) and plugged it into my NZXT sentry 2 fan controller and booted the computer up to install windows 7.
I was looking through the bios again to make sure everything was good (NO overclocking or any settings chaged except for express gate disabled)

When I was in the hardware monitor tab I saw that the Phenom II quad core 965 was running at 64c!!
I checked to see that the CPU fan was functioning, and it was blowing plenty of air and the bios was reading 1400rpm on the Arctic cooler freezer 7 pro 2.

I turned cpu-q function off to get the fan at full speed (2000rpm) and that did not phase it.
By the time I had done that the cpu was at 71C and I shut the computer down.

I let it cool off and booted into the bios.
I checked the voltages and saw that they were set to auto, but in the hardware monitor tab the voltages are switching between 2 settings.
The vcore will be at 1.332v and then dip down to .994 then go back up, and then down again, switching between the 2 settings.

I set the vcore at 1.30 in the AI tweaker tab (yes, I saved the changes and restarted), and the voltages continue to change dramatically, only with different values.
The vcore voltages now change to 1.264 and then back down to .884.
The cpu temp is at 68c with every fan in the case at full power.

I loaded setup defaults and changed NO SETTINGS, and I get the same thing.
I also unplugged the 120mm fan I recently plugged in, and still the temps are way too high and the voltages change.

I also updated the bios to the latest version, and the problem still persists.

The cpu cooler is still very firm and on the cpu correctly with a pea size dab of Arctic silver thermal compound spread evenly across the cpu.

I am stumped, I think the motherboard may be faulty, maybe even the CPU, although I sold tat cpu to my friend after using it in my system for 4 months and it had NO problems whatsoever.

The system is as follows:
AMD quad core 965BE, stock.
Asus M4A87TD/USB3
G-Skill 1600mhz RAM, stock.
Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro Rev2
Arctic Silver Thermal Compound, pea size dab.
Sapphire 5750.

If anymore info is needed please let me know.

I really need help with this guys, please help me figure this out.

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  1. Welcome Randy to Tom's :)

    Couple of questions:

    1) Have you tried removing, cleaning and reinstalling the heat sink & thermal compound? Also, check the recommended AS5 application from their site. ( )

    2) Have you tried the stock cooler to rule out a defective heat sink? The heat sink surface could be "uneven" cause improper heat transfer.
  2. Hmm, those are some good ideas.
    I know I have the correct amount of AS5 on there, because i've applied it to at least 10 different computers.

    But I guess the surface could be uneven, it's just that i'll have to re-wire the system.
    I guess that's what I may have to do to get it working.

    That'll be last resort, somebody on another forum suggested that the temp sensor may be bad, what do you think?
  3. Your temps don't suggest a bad sensor since they are in the 60's... IMO

    It to me points to an application issue of either the heat sink or thermal compound.
  4. Hey guys.
    Nevermind, I fixed the problem =D.

    I looked at the Arctic cooler heatsink (where it meets/sits on the cpu) and the base of the cooler is only big enough to fit half of it...

    So, I put the stock cooler on and it's running at 43c=) Which is still high IMO, but it's the stock cooler with stock paste so...

    I know my way around cpu coolers pretty well, but the Arctic cooler was the top rated one on newegg and many people have used it with the AMD 965 quad core.
    I find it very odd that the coolers base only fits on half of the cpu.

    I really wish I could fit a scythe mugen 2 inside this case, they are the best!

    Thanks for your support guys!!
  5. If you are looking for a new cooler, the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is a great one for price to performance (if it'll fit your case).

    Yeah... AMD stock coolers are not very good :lol:
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