Need help.,...For this phase

What does this phase means -

"hd 5670 do not need an external 6-pin power connector to run as it draws up power from the motherboard...."

what does it means....?

Does it means that it will run without any internal connector like when we give power to cpu we need to plug a four or eight pin power connector to the motherboard or it will run without any power connector(including power connected to the motherboard.....

Plz help guyz,...
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  1. The PCI-E slot will provide 75W of power, the card doesnt need anymore than that so you do not have to plug a cable from your power supply into it, you only need to insert it into the PCI-E slot no other connectors are required. Its similar to the auxiliary 4 or 8 pin connector for CPU power.
  2. It means that you won't need a 6 pin power cable coming from your power supply. Just plugging it into the motherboard provides it with enough power.
  3. So i doesnt need to also connect power to the motherboard......To run it....
  4. you dont plug anything into the card to give it power you just plug into the board and the 5670 will get power from the wires plugged into the board
  5. Thanx..
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