What Is The Price Of Following Desktop?

(1) Intel Core i7 930 Processor

(2) Intel DX58SO Motherboard

(3) Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive With 64MB Cache.

(4) LG 24x DVD Writer.

(5) Transcend 6GB 1333 MHz RAM.

(6) Cooler Master E-ATX Chassis

(7) Cooler Master Real Power Pro 650Watt Power Supply.

(8) ATI Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Card.

(9) Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Original.

(10) Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler.
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  1. Don't get mad ... ok ?

    ... Go to newegg.com and just plug those descriptions into the search field ... Windows includes a really good calculator, free, with every copy ...

    ... ALSO, ... if you add each part to your shopping cart (or wish list) at newegg ... IT WILL DO ALL THE MATH FOR YOU ! ... SWEET !

    = Try it ... or wait for some sucker to spoon feed you = (take deep breath and... hold!)
  2. Depends on the age. If it's brand new (i.e. weeks not months), $1,000. If it's more like months old, $800-900.

    The problem is that while you've got some nice parts in it (i7-930, 5870, Hyper 212), you've also got some very low quality parts in it (board, RAM, PSU). You also have some lower performing/overpriced parts (HDD). And frankly, I can't even find that RAM or case on Newegg, which is not a good sign.
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