My SSD keeps being used to install things

So, I recently built my first computer, last night, and I used a 60GB SSD, for a boot drive. However, now that I want to put all my files on my larger hard drive(1.5TB), the files keep installing to my SSD. I looked online and I tried the registry thing, and that did not help either. The wired thing is that it worked for abit, and then all my folders randomely went over to the SSd from my larger hard drive! without me asking them to! Anyway I guess my question is, how do I keep things from EVER being installed on my SSD again?
Thank You! in advance
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  1. If you are talking about program files, then you can re-install your programs to your larger hard drive. The programs will work. For example, I installed my steam program on my larger hard drive and my installed games go to my larger hard drive.

    Most, if not all, programs tell you where you want to install your programs the first time.
  2. UNfourtanetly, most of the programs that I use do not allow me to change where they are installed, they just automatically go to the SSD, and I have to manually move them to my larger Hard Drive Later :(
  3. any of the programs you use don't have custom install? There are a few guides here about that.

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