Ideas on video card? 4850 vs 5750

Hey guys
mind if i ask which of these 2 cards you would purchase if you were in my position.
I am looking to do moderate gaming on my rig, along with some video/photo editing. Just want a solid video card really, that puts out a low power consumption as I am afraid my PSU isnt too powerful enough

Ones DDR5 and the others 1gb. Figured the 1gb would help more for my monitor but i dunno

Q6600 2.4ghz OC'ed to 3.0ghz
Asus P5QL-VM/DO mATX motherboard
28in monitor at 1900x1200
400w Corsair PSU
4gb Ram

I have been having this problem with my current vid card where I cannot load after a cold start. I would have to wait for the vid card to kinda "warm up" before I do a hard restart and it works fine. Figured its my vid card cause I upgraded everything else and it wasnt it.

Anyways, here are the cards, appreciate the help


leaning towards the Sapphire but i dunno.
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  1. The 4850 is cheaper, and the same speed, if not faster.

    Also, the 4850 is 100$, the one you picked is overpriced.

    Either Upgrade to a 5770, or stick with the 4850, OR:

    Option 1 recomened.
  2. 1900x1200... Aim for a 5770 if you can... Unless you're willing to trade off some detail for improved FPS'es.

    Now, if you can't, then the 5750 is the better choice IMO.

  3. 5750 is overpriced, to close to 5770 in price.

    But yeh, get the 5770.
  4. I mean between the 4850 and the 5750, but then again... At 1900x1200 the 5750 won't deliver any DX11 goodies, right? :P

  5. You'd be surprised - the 5750 is pretty respectable from the few machines I've built with it. On a 965BE and a Q9650, I've gotten it over 15K in 3dMark06, which is within 4870 shouting distance (the most I've ever gotten from one of those was a little over 16K). That said, there's what...a $20 difference between that and a 5770? The 5770 is a much better card for that $20. I'm not sure that the Q6600, though, even OC'd to 3.0Ghz, isn't going to be a bit of a bottleneck for the 5770, given that the 965BE oc'd to 3.8GHz got 3K higher than the Q9650 at 3.0GHz. It wasn't until I OC'd the Q9650 to 3.6GHz that they tied again. Still...for $20 more...

    You'll have no problems with 1920x1080 with the 5750, but I certainly wouldn't consider using it for EyeFinity or anything like that. The 4850...1080P might be pushing it.
  6. Outside of Synthetics, (like 3dmark06) the CPU is not a huge factor for 95%+ of games.

    Execption: BC2, GTA IV, Flight Simulator.
  7. Here is the story of my friend.

    He used to have a 4850 asus in his tower one year before. I visited him to try some game but I do not want to stay there for a second longer, since the noise was extremely huge.

    By some reason his 4850 dead and he bought a new 5770 and use it during the time he sent it back to repair. When I visit him again, I was so surprise with his quiet tower this time. Google some story behind the design of ATI 5770, you can understand what make that happened. The lower consuming of energy make them totally different.

    That boy is so lucky. He got the mail from ASUS and bee told they have no more 4850 in stock. They asked him if he want a 5770 instead.
  8. Yeah, for 1920x1200 forget about those cards. You want at least the HD5770.
  9. awesome.
    thanks for the reply guys, guess 5770 it is. one thing though, you think my PSU can handle the power put out by the card? It is a 400W only after all.

  10. What brand is it and/or how many amps does it claim to have on the +12v rail?
  11. Oh, the Corsair part was right? If so it should handle the HD5770 easily.
  12. saweeeet. thanks everybody!!
  13. so i just bought this card. ill write up a short review when i get it and test it out
  14. Great Choice, and have fun out there!
  15. Yeah, nice deal for that price.
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