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Hello,I when I play spiderman web of shadows it lags alot.I had fraps running and averaged 15 - 25 fps.i have an intel dg965wh with e6300 rev b2 core 2 duo,4 gb ddr2 667 ram,250gb hdd 7200 rpm,8800 gts 320 mb video card.can you tell me what the problem is?do i need to upgrade to a q6600 or q6700 and a better video card and hard drive?please help.thanks in advance
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  1. I would say that your cpu is bottlenecking you right now. If you want to upgrade it all the cpus on this page... are socket lga775 and should function properly with your motherboard, but still double check on the manufacturer of your motherboards website and make sure the processor you get is compatible. Get one of the processors that comes with a heatsink as of the fact that the one that came with your e6300 may be a bit to skimpy for your new more powerful one. Later on if you need a bit more performance you could upgrade your graphics card
  2. i think the cpu is the culprit too.but my motherboard wont work with the 45 nm cpus.i can only choose from the q6600,q6700,e6600,and e6700.what do you think.the q6700 and q6600 are still high in priced for used.the the e6600 can be had for under 100 bucks.which route should i take
  3. I'm not even completely sure where you can still buy the 65 nm versions of those processors other than ebay and for a delicate piece of equipment like a processor that could be sketchy. Even a if you could find one i dont think it would be a upgrade worthy of the price because the 65nm e6600's are only a 2.4ghz dual core. It might just be time to do a little updating, if you don't mind switching to amd this combo is only 140 bucks... and depending on if your lucky with the processor you get you may be even be able to unlock the 4th core. But you will have to upgrade to ddr3 ram which i assume you don't have, this is only 56 bucks for a set of 2 gigs of ddr3 1333... this should give your pc a nice boost for slightly under 200$. Or you can remain intel way for about 230$ and just keep your current ram... Also a nice improvement. Idk if this will be helpful or not but i believe it would be in your best interest.
  4. Then again if you can find a reliable source for the 65nm version and your someone who is interested in overclocking, it could be a cheap and sufficient upgrade
  5. no i dont overclock.a rebuild is out of the question right now.jut thought a cpu upgrade would be the cheapest and do the most good
  6. Im not sure, its your choice but i just dont find moving from a 1.8 to a 2.4 dual core being too much of an improvement. I guess if you can find a e6600 for cheap you could give it a shot.
  7. yeah maybe a rebuild makes more sense
  8. I totally agree with his rebuild plan.

    You could always do some selling on ebay yourself to cover the difference. Just list the CPU/mobo together and leave the heatsink right where it is. There's literally a section for that. Then the RAM seperately.

    Doing this I'd expect at least $100 all told and then you'd be neutral with what you were gonna do by going AMD. Just make sure you use actual pictures, people like them.
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