NZXT Gamma Pure Black Case
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  1. Airflow good with additional fans. Size good . Silence more depending on components installed.
  2. his side panel space to put fans is 155mm long and 255mm high, so if you put 2x120mm fan you will have open space that can disturb the air flow.

    Size is not bad, it will handle a 159mm CPU cooler, but in this case you will be able to use only one side fan, at least inside the case. I'm thinking on putting one outside with a dust filter over it to protect the blades.

    Silence will depend on the fans you buy. The back fan doesn't make any noise.

    I do love the possibility to hide cables under motherboard. But you might have use a cable extension if the 8 (or 4 pin cable) of your power supply have less than 350mm:

    If you don't have fans and dust filters, you might have to buy them, and that will increase the final cost.

    I think you should go for NZXT Lexa S if your are going to use a big cpu cooler or a NZXT Hades is your cpu cooler have less than 132mm and you are not planing to get a bigger one. This two cases have many fans, cable management and fan speed control. The only problem is that they only support one front fan.

    Other good option:

    AEROCOOL VX9-PRO LE (many fans and dust filter but no cable management)

    Antec Six Hundred ** (no cable management but lots of space and two front fan)

    Nox Coolbay Devil * (many fans, cable management, but doesn't support big cpu coolers)
  3. if you're interested my cpu cooler is: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus Cpu Cooler (RR-B10-212P-GP)
  4. hektor_dar said:
    if you're interested my cpu cooler is: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus Cpu Cooler (RR-B10-212P-GP)

    Hm, you can only get a case with a side fan that stays on top of the cpu cooler if the case have more than 215mm (w) - from right to left panel - or else you will not be abble to use it (at lest with the fan inside the case)

    So dont go for AEROCOOL VX9-PRO LE, NZXT Hades or Nox Coolbay Devil.
  5. so wold you recommend me the nzxt gamma..?
  6. I have one the airflow is excellent, tons of fans
    lots of room for everything. only as loud as you graphics card
    it has a psu air filter which is good

    I like it a lot its not really that flashy but the function is perfect
  7. NZXT Lexa S is better: bigger, nice looks, fan control, more fans; with gamma you will have to buy two 140mm, at least two 120mm, 3 dust filter, and you have the problem with the size of the side panel hole (but I don't know how it affects the airflow...).

    If you cant buy it you have 3 options:

    - search for a case that have two fans in front, that cannot be smaller than Nzxt Gamma, that have cable management and fan speed control and the case have a side fan that goes over the cpu cooler (like the top side fan of gamma) it must have more than 215mm (w)

    - save money until you can buy it

    - buy Gamma and later get the other stuffs

    When I was searching for a case I didn't find any that have all the things I wanted at a reasonable price, so I got the Gamma, but it didn't blow my mind :)

    Then again, for this price it's a good option: Btw, how mutch you want to spend on the new case?
  8. There are better options as you would also be knowing.. I personally don't find the gamma as attractive and functionally superior as compared to either the Antec 300 or the CM 690 II advanced.. I love the Tempest EVO in the NZXT lineup though..
  9. I must disagree if you want to do extensive air overclocking the gamma although ugly as a swamp donky it is superior in cooling to the 300
  10. CM 690 II seems to be very good, only missing fan control
  11. I was to buy CM 690 II but i also want to buy hdd 1t sata III and I am saving money for both...
  12. I love my antec 900. Quiet, roomy, and plenty of airflow. Just a thought...
  13. hektor_dar said:
    I was to buy CM 690 II but i also want to buy hdd 1t sata III and I am saving money for both...

    buy one at the time, it's better than regreat later. ;)
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