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Just wanted to ask a quick question.Was wondering if i woudl run into any problems installing this 1333mhz ram into my mobo.The ram that is already in there is 1600mhz.But it seems the people at the factory installed the wrong one and the mobo auto underclocks it to 1333mhz.Would i run into any problems getting the 1333mhz and running it with the 1600mhz 1 that is underclocked.The manual always says to use the same frequiences.

4g DDR3 1333mhz


Although the mobo states that it cant go up to 1666mhz.Everytime i set the 1600mhz ram stick to 1600mhz instead of 1333mhz it's always crashing.
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  1. In the BIOS have you 'tried' to change the {MIT} Set Memory Clock -> 8, save a exit.

    Generally, I do NOT recommend mixing Speed, CAS, Timings, manufacturers, etc. If you need more RAM then get an Identical set to what you already have now.

    Q - please provide a link to the RAM you already have installed; I can post the settings that you need.
  2. Yes i have tryed setting the multiplyer manually to the rated speed which is x8=1600mhz.But when i do the comp crashes,and i've seen it before and it's memory related crash.

    Well luckily the one thats in their and the one i wanted to get are both Corsair.I did compare them and they seem to have the same timings.

    Here is the exact one i have right now but without the heatspreader
  3. Here is what it reads directly from the motherboards manual:

    4x1.5v DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 16gb of system memory
    Dual channel memory architechture
    Support for DDR3 1800(O.C.)/1666/1333/1066mhz memory modules
    Support for ECC memory modules.

    I find it strange that the manual for the mobo says differently than the one on newegg i posted,although their are the exact same model.
  4. purple stank said:

    Huh?? Here's the RAM compatible with your MOBO -> Phenom II RAM ->

    If you have the CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9 then exchange for CMP8GX3M2A1600C9

    You have a choice, 1 4GB or Pairs of 2 or 4 with 1GB, 2GB or 4GB. Ideally, for 8GB 2X4GB as listed above. The Dual Channel really needs pairs of MATCHED Sets per channel. Instead you are trying to create a pseudo set that is totally unmatched and a recipe for disaster.

    Ass-u-ming you have {CORSAIR Vengeance} 1600 MHz 9-9-9-24-2T @ 1.5v
    Set Memory Clock -> 8
    DRAM Voltage Control -> 1.55v {little higher 4GB}
    NB Voltage Control -> 1.25v~1.30v
    DRAM Configuration {enter}
    DDR3 Timing Items
    enter 9-9-9-24
    1T/2T Command Timing -> 2T
    DCTs Mode -> Unganged {doesn't really apply w/1 stick}


    Installing (1) Stick use either DDR3_1 {closest to CPU} or DDR3_3 {third slot from CPU}; try both slots upon failure.
  5. That ram stick i have is simillar in specs to the vengenace it just does't have the heat spreader.
    Forgot to say i have 2x2g 1600mhz currently but the mobo has underclocked them for some reason to 1333mhz

    I can't really spend more than $50 and i was looking for a single 4g stick.
  6. Do NOT have 2+2+_+4GB = Poof! Will NOT work!

    I do not want to guess settings, so use CPUz to identify your EXACT RAM Part-Number -
  7. Why will 2g+2g+4g not work?I wanted to buy a 4g single so i would not have to throw away ram when i upgrade in the future.
  8. So you have CM3X2G1600C9NX @ 1.6v which is an OEM RAM {CyberPower more than likely}.

    It appears to have XMP info, but your GA MOBO isn't XMP compliant; no big deal.

    Set Memory Clock -> 8
    DRAM Voltage Control -> 1.6v {little higher 4GB}
    NB Voltage Control -> 1.30v~1.35v
    DRAM Configuration {enter}
    DDR3 Timing Items
    enter 9-9-9-24
    1T/2T Command Timing -> 2T
    DCTs Mode -> Unganged {doesn't really apply w/1 stick} if failure.

    Failure, {using the above settings} create a bootable Memtest CD/DVD {ISO/zip} run for 2 passes.

    RE: {Do NOT have 2+2+_+4GB = Poof! Will NOT work!} refer to your DDR configurations page 16:
  9. Yes it is from cyberpower..but what does that all mean?Is it instructions or a reference?

    Can i still buy the original memory stick i wanted to or do i have to choose a different one?

    Can i just run the 4g single without dual channel until i get another stick?
  10. NO 2+1, it means the you can ONLY install: 1, 2 or 4 sticks, and if using PAIRS then the second MUST be a 'matching' PAIR to the first pair. Matching = Speed, CAS timings, Voltage, and Type.

    What I posted are tailored instructions for you to properly set your RAM, CyberPower typically sets your RAM at baseline speeds e.g. 1066 MHz and everything as Auto. I edited above.
  11. Do you have any reccomendations for what type of memory i can get for less than $50.

    I'm guessing 2x2g sticks would do just find...i looked up the exact part number on newegg and they don't seem to have it.
  12. Nope, the closest is the CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 CMP4GX3M2A1600C9

    Your best bet is to buy another Matching Set of CM3X2G1600C9NX from CyberPower.
  13. How would i go about getting RAM from cyberpower?

    Doesn't seem like the timings are correct,maybe the voltage is off.I'll keep testing it.

    Thanks for all your help
  14. Did you use the settings above?

  15. Yes i did...
    I'm thinking the voltage is off on the NB,i'll keep tweaking
  16. Best answer
    ^Perhaps, but I would stay with the same Brand, CAS, Voltage, Type (IC's used -> typically the same Mfg is the best but not guaranteed IC's).

    If it were 'me' I would start a ticket with Corsair and they have ALL the specs and 'might' sell you another set... Corsair

    I would prefer the SAME EXACT Set if possible. Saving a few bucks to create a HUGE problem is short sighted. RAM is more complicated than people think. Remember CAS 9 = 9 Billionths of a second -- it's like an atomic clock. If the new + old RAM conflict the BIOS will shut down {i.e. unusable} on or the other set.
  17. I'm just going to go ahead and purshace that 4G Dominator,

    Thanks again for all your help.
  18. Best answer selected by purple stank.
  19. Good Luck!
  20. The dominator should work no problems?
  21. Better than anything else; as I said the EXACT is 'my' #1 choice from CyberPowerPC. I guarantee 99.99999% different Corsairs will NOT operate in X.M.P. so you'll need to set the RAM manually; DRAM Frequency, CAS Timings, DRAM Voltage, and 50/50 up the QPI/DRAM Voltage {a/k/a VTT or NB DRAM Voltage, etc} ~ 1.3v~1.35v.
  22. shouldn't be to hard would it?Be the same as trying to get my current memory to 1600,in the same way.

    I still can't find the correct NB voltage to adjust...I put the NB Volt from 1.0to1.3 and it still didn't work.
  23. What do you mean "NB Volt from 1.0to1.3 and it still didn't work" -- does it 'work' the NB Voltage Control = Auto? If yes then use Auto.

    I thought your RAM was running fine?

    Set Memory Clock -> 8
    DRAM Voltage Control -> 1.6v {little higher 4GB}
    NB Voltage Control -> 1.30v~1.35v
    DRAM Configuration {enter}
    DDR3 Timing Items
    enter 9-9-9-24
    1T/2T Command Timing -> 2T
    DCTs Mode -> Unganged if failure.

    See the timings per JEDEC #4 -> also I noticed several OC Apps -- if you have a bad OC then you can have all sorts of problems. Therefore, I would recommend that you:

    Load Defaults
    IDE - > ACHI {if that was already changed}
    (CPU Fan speed = 100%)
    then add the RAM changes per above.
  24. NB Voltage Control -> 1.30v~1.35v

    I don't understand what you mean...Only NorthBridge i can see is the NB Voltage Control and it is set to Auto by default but i thought you meant to change it to 1.3 from it's origonal 1.0.

    O.C. seems fine to me, i managed to get to 3.8ghz with the stock volt didn't change anything but the multiplyer from the BIOS.

    EDIT:Yea thats what i thought i should do,i copied the 1600mhz timings exactly to what it loks like in the picture and it still didn't work.
  25. What I meant -- if my slight NB Voltage increase is/was causing an issue then to go back to Auto and try BOTH ways.

    IF BOTH Auto and NB Voltage Control -> 1.30v~1.35v are FAILING then my next suggestion if to increase the DRAM Voltage Control -> {> greater than} 1.6v or 1.65~1.68v. However, as I 'recall' there's a cap that can be set before other setting or jumpers are needed; I don't recommend their use in your case.

    Please define what you mean exactly by "it still didn't work."??
  26. Well i have the timings right, just not the voltage.
    Uped the voltage for the RAM to 1.6>fail
    Uped the NB volt to 1.3 and RAM to 1.6>fail

    It says it should be set to 1.6 but i will try 1.65...

    So i just went in the BIOS and set the config to auto and just changed the DRAM voltage to 1.65.Ran Prime95 on it and it seems to be holding.Just that the timings are exremely off or very strange.
  28. Duh?! I assume you set the CAS timings Manually as I described above?

    Manually set per -> {XMP list}

    BTW - After you posted your RAM part numbers I noticed people having issues and the need to 'man handle' this RAM.

    If using 1.65v+ then NB Voltage Control -> 1.30v~1.35v; closer to the 1.35v. The NB Voltage is typically ~ -0.3v (less the DRAM Voltage).
  29. No i didn't set the CAS Timings Manually i set it to AUTO,thats why it came up with this different timings.

    I didn't even adjust the NB voltage, just set multiplyer to 8 and put RAM voltage to 1.65.

    I guess it was the correct voltage afterall,kept thinking it was 1.6v the whole time like it was listed on the diagram but it needed to be at 1.65.
  30. Typically, RAM has an operational range of ±0.2v~±0.3v and typically ±0.05v has no effect. Operative word 'typically'. Yes, set the timings per the image I linked above.
  31. Finial is timings from pic above,1.3 NB,1.645 RAM.
    Holding steady so far...
    So do you think i can get that RAM to work,The Dominator?
    Could you link them again please i lost it,and do they make a 2x4g version that i could use?
  32. Same link -> CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CMP4GX3M2A1600C9

    Here's ALL the RAM for your MOBO ->
    2X4GB same CAS and Voltage Dominator ->

    The $100 question, does your RAM 'look' like this:

    I generally, don't recommended mixing RAM Density {2GB with 4GB}, but it can be done.
  33. No,thats what i was saying before.My ram doesn't have the Heat Spreader but i'm guessing it's the same.

    I went ahead and purchsied the dominator 2x2G.Hope it works...
  34. ALL Dominator look as above, or are in red if GT. I assume you're getting something else like the XMS.

  35. My ram doesn't have any "cover" on it at all.Just a white sticker over the chips.
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