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Hey everyone,

I have a bit of an odd question, and I'm hoping that you can help me solve the issue that I'm having.

Approximately 6 months ago, I purchased and built my new machine. The build was successful and I've been using the computer since without any major issues. However, recently I've moved the computer into a new room we added to the house. This room's outlets are all controlled by a GFCI. Whenever I go to power on my computer, the GFCI trips and the outlets lose power. Now I'm not an electrician, or an expert with computers but it would seem to me that my computer is causing a ground fault.

I do know this:

1) GFCI's are not overload devices, and since the computer has -occasionally- booted up successfully, it isn't the circuit that is tripping and it -can- handle the load.

2) It is only my computer since my girlfriend has her computer in the same room (which is a much older but also custom built-pc) and it boots up and runs fine. It does not trip the GFCI.

3) I'm using an OCZ fatal1ty 700w PSU. I was told this was a decent/good PSU, but if it isn't causing the issue, I don't know what would.

So does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Or has anyone seen this issue before and have any advice? It is really bumming me out since the room is in the basement and GFCIs are required by code. I can't take it out, and what worries me more, is that even if I did remove the GFI, the computer is potentially dangerous? Otherwise it wouldn't be causing this fault.

I don't have any other ideas and so I come to the collective community.

Thanks a lot guys.
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  1. I have heard of similar issues with the first versions of enermax infinity PSU´s at one time all the reviews on newegg were filled with complaints. Here is an example from a E.galaxy psu
  2. Try a different PSU.
  3. I don't have another PSU lying around that is powerful enough to run the computer. I'll have to RMA the one I have for a different OCZ. I suppose that is my only option though.
  4. Now let's see, you have a computer powered by a 700 W PSU. Depending on what it is the machine, it could pull anywhere from 600 to 900 watts. Then there's your girlfriend's computer. Then each or you has a monitor, maybe a speaker system, maybe a printer. Any lamps in the room? How close do you think we are to 1700 Watts, enough to overload any breaker or fuse or GFCI unit rated at 15 maps max. Before you blame your computer and the GFCI unit combination, try running with half of those devices unplugged to lower the load. You may need TWO circuits at least to supply power to this new basement room.
  5. I have also had the same issue... I had a 550w OCZ Fatal1ty powering my personal desktop. I went to bed Saturday morning (I work night shift) and when I woke up Saturday afternoon, the computer was off, the breaker (2yr old apartment) was tripped and the psu was fried. The only thing plugged into the outlet that the breaker supplies is the Monster surge protector with my desktop, 2 monitors, and cpu speakers. The psu is almost 4yrs old now, so it is 10 months out of warranty. I ordered a 750w Fatal1ty to replace it, but after reading reviews I am wondering if that is a good choice or not. Several people are reporting similar issues... Is this an OCZ flaw, or do a lot of psu's encounter this?
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