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Bios time resetting to some previous year date. pls help. i have even reinstalled the system - it worked for 2days and it's back to it's previous state. when this happens the system is in an endless booting state.
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  1. The time and date not saving or resetting in the BIOS is most often a sign that you need a new CMOS battery. They're a common coin cell battery CR2032 that costs maybe $2-3US at almost any electronics store, and even several larger retail stores.
  2. Thanks cl-scott, apparently i had changed the CMOS battery before the OS reinstallation. i suppose the battery was bad or fake. i'll get another one and check.
  3. cwilliams2013 said:
    i suppose the battery was bad or fake

    ... or upside down Sorry but I get all sorts coming through my bench and that's just one of them :D
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