Intel core i3 help!?

Hey, this is my first build and i got it running on the Intel core i3 with cooler master hyper 212
and i am wondering shouldn't my temperature be lower because core temp is giving me 30 C degrees during intel
and when i run prime95 it goes up to 45 C i am wondering if this is normal.

Also when i run CPU-Z the voltage and the core freq constantly change depending on the load
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  1. those are normal, low temps, just like it should be...dont worry about it.
  2. But from what i readed the stock cooler givs those same temps
  3. hmmm, it may give similar temps, but have you over clocked it?
  4. no i haven't its' at stock. 2.93 ghz
  5. then those are normal, a cooler wont see a terrible decrease in temps until you overclock it. once you overclock it, the stock would be much hotter than yours.
  6. thanks for that anser but also my ram setting is mess up
    i have the
    and OCZ obsidian 4gb 1600 but its' running at 1066 and when i change my multiper and the timing it stays 1066 even though it should be 1333.
    also i uped the voltage of my memory to 1.6v and still CPU-Z list it at 1.5v my motherboard seems to not take my inputs
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