I looking to build a HTPC with gaming abilities. I can spend around 600 bucks. I need core components, case and PSU. Any help would be appreciated.

I prefer the Athlon II X4 630 but I am not stuck on it.
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  1. Have you search for similar threads here?
    for example?

    Try at least to figure out some knowledge instead of just asking with complete blank head.
  2. Hmm do u mean a HTPC that can be a sort of 'nest' in case you want to game or actual gaming now?
  3. Look, I do have some knowledge.

    I have a gaming PC that I built myself two months ago. I was merely looking for recommendations on a HTPC since Ive never built one before. What works well for this purpose, has a small form factor, and still allows a bit of gaming? I only want the gaming capability because I want to have my mates over to game some times. However, its not important that it has a cutting edge graphics card. An ATI 5770 or 5830 suffices most likely. I also needed a bit of help getting it within budget constraints, something like 400 gbp.

    I prefer the Athlon II X4 630 because its cheap and has quad cores. Also Toms Hardware recommends it for budget video encoding, which I may do.
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