I have a Skulltrail and was wondering if anyone had problems with processor heat not being the same temp? What mine is doing is that one processor is reading 18c and other is 28c. Now this is the second board I had and the first one had the same problem also. Now when I look at the bios I notice the Thermal Margins were off too. Like 53c and 61c.

2-Qx9775 (water cooled)
12g Mircon Ram
1200w Thermaltake

Any Ideas Guys?
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  1. I do not personally have a Skulltrail and have never owned one but I see no way that the temps could be the same on both CPUs as they will be under different loads even at idle (which is never really true idle because there are always a few background tasks running).
  2. In a water cooling loop the first cpu heats the water up a few degrees. So the second cpu is recieving warmer water than the first.
    If the first cpu heats the water up 10 degrees then the second cpu will be arround 10 degrees hotter than the fist one in the loop.
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